Industrial Taps
  We Excel Source is Engaged with supplying of different types of Industrial Tapes from Well Known Brand like 3M Tapes, SP Tapes, Wonder Tapes, and many more.  Detail are as under.
BOPP Tapes

Specification : We are engaged in supplying wide range of BOPP tapes.  We can provide the range in various colors and can even customize the colors on clients' demands. The range is specially acknowledged for its widths and film thickness.
Application : Self adhesive tapes are used for packaging and sealing of material as well as Corrugated Boxes. It is widely used in all kind of industries and house hold purpose also.

Foam Tapes
    Engaged in supplying foam tapes like  acrylic foam tapes, double sided foam tapes, industrial double sided foam tapes, exterior trim parts foam tape and double coated foam tapes.
Duct Tapes
    Duct tapes are heavy duty tapes used in various applications like bundling, moisture proofing, sealing, splicing, reinforcing, hangings, etc. These tapes are hand tearable with high tensile strength and conformability.
Line Marking /  Floor Marking  Tapes
    These tapes are available in various colors to apply color-coding, markings and identification to aisles, lanes, hazard areas, tools and equipment. These tapes resist scrapes, wear, and chemicals. These tapes offer fine line paint masking and it protects surface against abrasions and chemicals.
VHB Tapes ( Double Side Adhesive Tapes )
    VHB tapes are widely used for high holding power in static and dynamic loads. Viscoelastic properties absorb shock and distribute stress evenly for bonding power that helps eliminate mechanical fastening in many jobs. VHB tapes can be used for permanent bonding and sealing of aluminum, steel, glass, painted and powder coated surfaces, and plastics such as polycarbonate and acrylics. VHB tapes are widely used for structural glazing and curtain glazing applications. VHB Tapes are also used for metal-to-metal and metal-to-glass bonding in industrial fabrication units.
Masking Tape
    Masking tapes are most commonly used in masking applications in painting shops. Masking tapes has characteristics as adhesive holding power, line sharpness and clean removal to meet different application requirement. Masking tapes are available in various temperature ranges will 250oC
Aluminum Foil Tapes
    These tapes have high thermal conductivity. It is used to offer protection to thermal sensitive materials. It is also used for protection of parts from flame damage.
Filament Tapes    
    Filament tapes are available as Mono-directional filament tapes, Bi-directional filament tapes and reinforced strapping tapes. These tapes are glass reinforced tapes with good adherence to plastic and metal surfaces. These tapes have good abrasion, high tensile strength, nick resistance, good holding power, good tear resistance, good ageing, humidity resistance and moisture resistance.
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