Silicon Spray

Description : 1) Anti-Stick agent for all types of general moldings, various types of plastics, rubber bakelite core molding and nonferrous metal die casting. 2) Water repellent for natural and synthetic fibers, batteries etc. 3)  Hydraulic, damping and lubrication fluid.
Advantage : 1) Improves finish of molded articles. 2) Special Versatile grade of Silicon Fluid increases output per application. 3) Crystal – clear no staining, non-sticky & nontoxic. 4) Fluidity ensures easy penetration into deep pieces and crevices of intricate mould designs.
Net Content : 310 gms. 550ml.

WD – 40  Multi Use Product
1.    Stop Squeaks
2.    Drives Out Moisture
3.    Cleans & Protects
4.    Loosens Rusted Parts
5.    Frees Sticky Mechanisms
Also Availabe Lapox & Power Grip
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