Silicon Sealant

We are Distributor of Tuffer Bond Silicone Sealant. Our product range includes general purpose silicone sealant , weather proof 789 silicone sealant and 995 structural silicone. Silicone sealant for general purpose sealing in do-it-yourself applications. Cures at room temperature under the action of atmospheric moisture to give a permanently flexible silicone rubber. High-performance sealant designed for sealing, bonding and mending tasks.

Wacker Silicon Sealant
    GP (General Purpose)
Exhibits excellent primer less adhesion to most non-porous siliceous material ,e.g. glass , tiles , ceramics , enamel, glazed tiles
and clinker, impregnated, varnished or painted wood and many Plastics.
CS (Construction Purpose)
When used effectively to seal joints
between building elements WACKER silicon sealants help enhance a buildings energy
efficiency by minimizing air leakage
GM (Glazing and Metal Purpose)
Seal joints between building elements of differing material ,metal or plastic, window frames and masonry or between concrete walls and tiled floors
Backer Rod    
    Backer Rod is an easy to compress rope-like celled foam. It is inserted into a clean joint at the required depth before caulking/sealing. Backer Rod creates an even depth and supports the sealant / caulk allowing it to form the proper shape (about 2x as wide as deep). It is especially important to use it with Self Leveling Expansion Joint Sealants. Soft Backer Rod is also uses for filling gaps and for sealing in general construction. It can be applied to finish filling the void and create an air-tight and water-tight seal.
Advantage : Reducing Cost by using Backer Road (By Reducing Qty of Silicon  Sealant in  Big Gaps.)
Available in Different Thickness.
Available in Different Color
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