Abous Us
  'Excel Source', is one-source supplier of Industrial Safety Product, Silicon Product and Industrial Tapes. We have started our mission in the year 2010 as a Proprietorship Firm. We are engaged with trading business.  We are trading all our products  from reputed manufacturers and brand names like Sunlong, Mangla, 3M, SILKOT, WACKER SILICON SEALANT, TUFFER BOND SILICON SEALANT,  and imported product like FERRAGUARD AND SENSOUS.  All our product are certified and CE Approved.  We never compromised with Quality and Service. Our products are highly used in industries like Chemical, Engineering, Glass Industries, Automobile Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Plastic Industries, Construction Industries.
  Our Commitment
  We believes that  business stands not only for monitory satisfaction, but it is also engaged with Honesty,  Respect,  Purposefulness, Trust, Responsibility, Service, along with the monitory satisfaction.  Our commitment is based on quality products, excellent customer service, and a complete range of Industrial Safety Products. We are committed to bringing the ever-changing technology and new products to our customers at a competitive price.

Our Goal

  Maximum Satisfaction to our client by transparent business.
  Growth of Business with quality product.
  Convert each and every inquiry in to order.
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